An Aging Population Leads to Openings in the Medical World

An Aging Population Leads to Openings in the Medical World

Canada cannot seem to make up its mind regarding unemployment rates, with part time jobs enduring the biggest fall of the past four years, with 66.5 thousand jobs lost. To offset this, full-time jobs have gradually been climbing, with 46.9 thousand full time jobs added. Although more people are out of work, more full-time jobs are being filled up. This means that thousands of part-time workers, some of whom hope to find a full-time job are simply out of luck.

Fortunately, there is one industry in particular that has maintained a healthy growth rate, with the only requirements for entry being a basic high school education. This industry is none other than healthcare, and there has been a stark rise in employment and job offerings throughout the past year.

Due to a compound of both advancements in modern medicine and the baby boomer generation reaching old age, there have been dozens of colleges and hospitals who’ve made a name for themselves in the past few years. One in particular espouses an older method of teaching that has yet to be seen outside of that restrictive barrier; the Montessori Method. Peak College, located at Sheppard and Bathurst, has taken giant steps in this industry, and notably through this new form of training.

While the Montessori Method is regarded as one of the greatest methods for teaching pre-school and elementary children, one finds that it also works wonders in establishing a greater sense of confidence while engaging patients in activities that THEY find rewarding. With this unique training under a PSW’s (Personal Support Worker) belt, they are not only equipped for dealing with the challenges of Dementia in their patients, but for the challenges of every day life.

Perhaps the greatest reason to become a Personal Support Worker is the tangible difference you can make in your community. On top of the previously mentioned benefits, there is not only an aging population to account for, but an aging care-taker population. In Canada, one finds that the majority of Personal Support Workers are aged 50 to 59-years-old, and thus “will be retiring soon” (CRNCC & PSNO, 2009).

Consider the possibility that someone might wish to work more intimately in the medical field, however lacks the qualifications to do so. All one needs to secure a job as a Personal Support Worker is a 1 semester diploma from a certified college, lasting over 26 weeks; to be eligible, Peak College requires a bit more, with a personal interview and minor admission test required. As a result, new colleges such as Peak have made tremendous waves in the world of the Personal Support Worker, and graduates find themselves set to launch even further towards their hearts desires.

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    Peak college let me achieve my purpose as health care worker my gift is to help senior independently children with disabilities or in a senior facility. My practicum at L'chaim is a big challenge because never work with groups of seniors but peak college make me face my challenges l was able to developed social relationships between the staff and co-students. Peak college thank you for the new depths that has shaping my career.
    Student at Peak College
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